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Die Netzwerkstatt

Die NetzWerkstatt was founded in 2002 as a regional internet agency. It withstood an industry and business crisis and has expanded its web and print business to all of Europe.

There are many reasons for this success:
The highest industry competence, consistent product quality with unified standards, concepts of modular structure, adaptation to the market with new or progressively developed solutions, reasonable pricing and last but not least, a creative staff that are constantly learning new techniques and simply have a lot of fun in their occupation. They have several awards as proof of their professional abilities.
The advantage for the customer is clear:
Consistent and target marketed external representation in web and print media alltogether under one roof.

Die NetzWerkstatt

Sven Probst

Telefon: 04331 - 24 700
E-Mail: info(at)die-netzwerkstatt.de
Web: www.die-netzwerkstatt.de


Since 1991 Hd...s has been successfully working together with national and international customers from various branches, Hotels and Tourism for example, with a sympathetic sensitivity for news and trends, people and current events.

"Consistent growth based on quality instead of quantity" is the motto for the Founder and Owner Heike D. Schmitt, who is responsible for the constant success of the company. Hd...s functions as an external Press office with an emphasis on Business-, Image-, and Event- PR for numerous companies.
The six man team, plus independent contractors, supports your company with effective public positioning strategies.
Hd...s focuses your message as to why you give your best every day. With Concept Know-How the agency stands by your side as an advisor, so that your company is presented in the best light for every occasion.

Heike D. Schmitt

Telefon: (+49) 611- 99 29 10
E-Mail: info(at)hds-pr.com
Web: www.hds-pr.com

Comedy Experts

The Comedy Experts are committed to make comedy more popular throughout the entire Republic. In 2010 they developed for that purpose diversified unique comedy formats which include the Comedy Buffet and the Comedy Clinic, which have since its creation enjoyed great success.
Comedy Experts
Olli Sachse
Geeler Weg 8, 24864 Brodersby/Geel
Telefon: 0 18 03 - 4 41 12 52
Mobil 0171 - 7 55 45 26
E-Mail: info(at)die-comedy-experten.de
Web: www.die-comedy-experten.de