Our service

Management at the event location

We leave nothing to chance!
The Kultur-Agent stands by you at your event, so the timing between the artistic program and the courses of the menu is guaranteed.

Meet & Greet with the Artists

Our high-profile artists are available after your event for a VIP-Reception.
In contrast to a "normal" theater attendance, you can offer your most important guests spe- cial moments and distinctly add value to your event.

Promotional Materials

The preparation of promotional materials includes the design and printing of tickets, flyers and posters produced with the renowned

24768 Rendsburg

The Print Service is for

  • 1000 Flyer, 2 pages, DIN long, 170 grade paper
  • 100 Posters, A3 size, 100 g Picture print glossy
  • 250 Tickets, 300 g Picture print matt, PEFC-certification, DIN long perforated and numbered 1 x
  • Delivery is free

Publicizing in the internet

Your event will be publicized in the internet over the portal

And if you so choose it will be also publicized nationally at